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Family of Companies

The world's top companies trust
TransPerfect to help them excel
in the global marketplace.
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We Know How


Turns Global Goals into Worldwide Achievements.
Life Sciences
Multicultural Marketing
Website Localization
Industry Expertise
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A family of companies providing language services and technology solutions
for global business.

Our Mission. Simplified.

More than 25 years ago, TransPerfect was founded with a mission to help the world's businesses navigate the global marketplace.

25 多年前,Liz Elting 和 Phil Shawe 攜手創建了 TransPerfect,致力于幫助各地企業在全球市場中居于領先之地。并于 2008 年在中國北京設立了創博翻譯(北京)有限公司,作為 TransPerfect 在中國的總部,為本地和跨國的企業提供優質的服務。

With decades of hands-on experience, TransPerfect's consultative approach and rigorous quality have made it the industry leader.

Over 6000 Employees
Over 100 Offices
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Global Headquarters:
1250 Broadway, 32nd Fl
New York, NY 10001

Tel: +1 212.689.5555
Europe Headquarters:
33 Aldgate High Street, 1st Fl
London, EC3N 1AH
Tel: +44 20.7061.2000
Asia Headquarters:
33 Lockhart Rd, 19th Fl
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2292.9900

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